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Zombie Dust Clone(s)


Zombie Dustin & Cul de Sac Brew

I have been doing 5 gallon batches since I started home brewing in the fall of 2014, but after upgrading to a 15 gallon Spike kettle, I was ready to attempt a 10 gallon batch.  Since I don’t have a large fermenter, I was going to need two fermentation buckets.  As usual, I wanted to make a beer that I couldn’t easily get my hands on.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), a lot of big-time breweries in America do not distribute in Georgia, so I had a lot of amazing beers to choose from.  I settled on Three Floyds’ Zombie Dust, finding a great clone recipe from Bertusbrewery.  I took a cue from Scott’s post and used the two fermentation buckets to utilize different yeasts and different dry hops, essentially creating two beers from one brew session.


My first time doing a 10 gallon batch in a 15 gallon brew kettle.

I have never actually tasted Zombie Dust (precisely why I wanted to brew this), but from reading about it online, it seems to be a pretty hop-forward, citra IPA; even if 3F calls it an APA.

Fortunately, I had some neighbors over to assist with the brew day (hence the name of batch #2; Cul de Sac Brew) because I could not have lifted the kettle with 10+ gallons of hot wort without them (I don’t have pumps so I rely on gravity to transfer from each vessel).

Both beers turned out great.  Amazing citrus-y flavor from the hops and on overall fantastic IPA; I’ve seen several bloggers and posters claim this is their new house IPA.  However, when compared side-by-side, everyone tended to prefer the Cul de Sac Brew over Zombie Dustin [totally unscientific testing; completely anecdotal] which I attribute to the dry hop which Amarillo and more Simcoe.  I think the Citra on top of Citra from Zombie Dustin just didn’t ‘pop’ as much.  Cul de Sac Brew also tasted ‘smoother’.  It did spend more time primary as batch #2 since I bottled it 2 weeks after batch #1, so that could’ve been a factor as well.  Either way, they’re both great.

Here is the recipe for the 10 gallon batch with yeasts and dry hops listed separately:

Brew date: 9/7/15

12 Gallons
24 lb 2-Row
3 lb Munich Malt
1 lb Carafoam
1 lb Melanoiden Malt

1.5 oz Citra FWH
2.5 oz Citra 15 min
2.5 oz Citra 10 min
2.5 oz Citra 5 min
2.5 oz Citra 1 min

Batch #1 [Zombie Dustin] – 3L starter of Wyeast 1968
Batch #2 [Cul de Sac Brew] – 3 L starter of WLP002

Dry hop (batch #1) – 4 oz Citra/1 oz Simcoe
Dry hop (batch #2) – 3 oz Simcoe/ 1 oz Amarillo/ 1 oz Citra

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